This is also an example of the PHP powered email contact form you will have on your site. It hides your real address. I can also provide you with as many domain emails boxes as your need so you can have that professional effect with an email address that matches your site's name. An example is for your site . That looks so much better than or some other mickey mouse freebie email address. Not only is the box a full functioning email address, but I can forward, or copy the site email to your favorite personal email account. So a copy of an email to will go to your email address too. That way you will be covered twice.
The email form is also set up so you can easily tab through it and send the mail without using your mouse, the right way. The focus is set on the subject box and from there your "tab" key will step you through all the form's boxes and buttons in the correct order. Notice how the box you are in will change color so you know exactly where you are in the form. Better than some jerk who uses boxes without any borders that are the same color as the background. You know you are dealing with an incompetent when he designs a form that you can't tab through it easily or you have to select everything just to find the box you need. I try to use basic HTML form controls on all my forms, eschewing all sorts of fancy but obnoxious proxies where people try to make links do the work of regular submit buttons. With CSS, you can make any dowdy old form element look sharp without using a <div> or an <a> link stand in for a text box or a submit button.

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